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This is the third year EDP renováveis (hereinafter “EDPR”) publishes an integrated report describing the company’s performance, with respect to the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

EDPR is focused on continuously improving its performance in Sustainability, and this is highlighted in its declaration of Vision and Mission, as a way to create value to our shareholders and to the society. As a leader in the renewable sector, EDPR plays a key role in eDp Group, as leader among utilities on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2010.

EDPR performed a study with a group of internal and external stakeholders to identify topics of concern and importance to our partners and stakeholders. this report addresses those areas of concern and importance.


EDPR is committed once again to follow the G3 guidelines of the Global reporting Initiative (GRI) for Sustainability reporting.

The GRI directives define a set of indicators and recommendations to create a global standard for disclosing information concerning the three sustainability pillars: economic, environmental and social performance. A company’s adherence to these directives means that it concurs with the concept and practices of sustainability.

The whole report, including environmental and social indicators contemplated by the GRI, was audited by KPMG

A full GRI index for the report can be found in the GRI evaluation’ chapter.


Following the GRI Guidelines, this report has been externally assured by KPMG, certifying the A+ application level self-declared by EDPR.


The GRI framework defines a list of principles to help organizations ensure that the content of the report is balanced and accurate. EDPR applied these principles as the basis for the 2010 Annual report. To learn more about the GrI guidelines, please visit


Global Compact is an initiative of the united nations launched in 2000 that defines guideline directives for businesses that opt to contribute to sustainable development.

EDP has aligned itself with this initiative. As a result, EDPR is also committed in putting these principles into practice and informing society of the progress it has achieved.


The economic and financial indicators of this report are based on IFrS. the overall objective of IFrS is to create principles-based, internally consistent and internationally converged standards for the financial and economic reporting.


Enclosed within the Annual report, is a corporate governance chapter which describes the adoption by EDPR of the recommendations contained in the portuguese Corporate Governance Code (“Código de Governo das Sociedades”) approved by the CMVM (Portuguese Securities Market Commission).

EDPR reports on the corporate governance structure, shareholders’ structure, management and control system, exercise of shareholder’s rights, remuneration policy, shares and dividend policy and company’s market relations.


This report relates to 2010’s fiscal year, beginning January 1st, 2010 and ending December 31st, 2010, and also includes some key events from the first months of 2011. It contains information from EDP Renováveis, S.A., as well as all subsidiaries in the reporting period.

This report and the ones from previous years are available at:


In an effort to adapt our future reporting to our stakeholders needs, a feedback survey is available at our website:


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