In terms of electricity generation, EDPR’s output in 2010 reached 14.4 TWh, representing an increase of 32% (or 3.4 TWh) versus 2009. Even more, when compared to 2006, EDPR’s clean energy output has increased over 5 times.

The growth in generation reflects not only the growth in installed capacity but also a top tier operational readiness with 97% average availability of the entire portfolio and an average load factor of 29%, reflecting the premium delivered by EDPR.

In europe, EDPR presented an annual growth of 33%, generating 6.6 GWh of energy output. meanwhile, with an annual growth of 30%, EDPR production in north america was of 7.7 GWh. Finally, in the second year of operations in Brazil, EDPR achieved 31 GWh, which represents an annual growth of 17%.

The balance between the different regions in which EDPR has a footprint shows its diversification strategy. Noteworthy is that in 2010, EDPR started generating energy in Poland and Romania, which represent very attractive markets for future value creation. order to produce 14.4 TWh, enough to provide 1 entire day of electricity consumption to the 8 countries (over 650 million people) where EDPR has generation assets

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