EDPR level of clean energy output is based on a strong 29% average load. In Europe, average 2010 load factor reached 27%, in North America 32% and in Brazil 22%. this is a consequence of EDPR’s superior operational efficiency (with top tier or improving availability marks), first mover advantage in site selection, in-house wind expertise knowledge, and rigorously selection of WTG for maximizing the output in each of our projects.

As expected, 2010 showed the typical wind seasonality. 2010 was characterized by particularly volatile quarters with poor wind quality during 2Q and 3Q especially when compared to previous years with historical highs. EDPR’s diverse and geographically balanced portfolio of wind farms works as a mitigation lever for wind volatility. As an example, EDPR’s prime assets in the Spanish market allowed the company to deliver once again a premium load factor of 27%, +200bps when compared to its market peers.

EDPR’s 97% availability during 2010 has significantly surpassed the levels of 2009 (95%), constituting a benchmark in the industry. This was achieved mainly due to extensive work on operational efficiency and performance management processes.

In order to further optimize its operations, EDPR started the implementation of a chain of dispatch centers. From these offices, EDPR is able to have a better and closer look to each of the wind farms in its portfolio in order to improve availability and management of O&M contracts while monitoring the load factors and energy output.

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