EDPR has a strong track record and proven capability to execute projects and deliver on targets. During 2010, EDPR installed an additional capacity of 1,101 MW, (through 501 MW from its European platform and 600 MW from its North American platform).

As a result, by the end of 2010, EDPR had a total installed capacity in excess of 6.7 GW (through 3,439 mW from its European platform (annual growth of 17%), 3,224 mW from its North American platform (annual growth of 23%) and 14 mW from its South American platform), which represents a noteworthy increase of 13 times versus the 530 consolidated MW installed by 2004 and more than 4 times versus the 1,518 consolidated MW by 2006.

In Europe, EDPR completed the construction of the first project in Romania – Pestera – totaling 90 MW. also, 189 ;W were commissioned in Spain and 64 MW in France.

EDPR develops, builds, and operates renewable energy assets in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, UK and Italy), North America (United States and Canada), and South America (Brazil). The company’s head offices are located in Madrid, Spain, and it has more than 33 offices spread all over the world.

EDPR NA continues to deliver sustainable portfolio growth. During 2010, EDPR NA developed and completed 600 MW, consisting of top crop II (198 MW) in Illinois, three Meadow Lake projects in Indiana: Meadow Lake II (99 MW), Meadow Lake III (104 MW), and Meadow Lake IV (99 mW), and Kittitas Valley (101 MW) in Washington.

At the end of 2010, EDPR had under construction 649 MW (through 480 MW from its European platform, 99 MW from its North American, and 70 MW from its South American platform). With this, EDPR is able to deliver a sustainable growth path through a low risk business model for the following years.

In 2010, EDPR achieved 6.7 GW spread among the most attractive markets worldwide...

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In 2010, EDPR continued to focus its growth strategy in obtaining flexible contracts in terms of time and geography to take full benefit of optionallity. the portfolio of projects under development (segmented in pipeline and prospects) to fuel future growth was, at year end 2010, circa 31.7 GW.

...and 31.7 GW of robust pipeline that enables selection of “best to build” projects...

On January 2010, EDPR in partnership with SeaEnergy was awarded exclusive rights to develop 1.3 GW in the Moray Firth which is Zone 1 of the UK’s Offshore Round 3 tender. Also in January, 2010, EDPR added to its portfolio several wind projects in prime locations of italy totaling 520 MW in different stages of maturity. In Spain, EDPR was awarded with 220 MW in the Cantabria tender and 271 MW in the Asturias tender. These awards (which represent 16% and 32% of the total capacity awarded in each tender, respectively) contribute to increase its pipeline and future growth options and also prove the company’s ability to succeed in extremely competitive tenders.

In 2010, the geographic footprint of EDPR NA’s pipeline expanded by 100 MW in Canada, added 4 new states and delivered crucial growth in tier 1 and 2 projects that will support growth and optionality in the future; these projects represent 43% of the total wind pipeline.

As a result of the mix of high quality assets and operational excellence, in 2010 EDPR obtained above average operating indicators for the markets in which it is present.

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...while continuing to deliver a top notch NCF of 29%

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