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EDPR is a pure wind player global leader in renewable energy with all of its revenues coming from wind energy activities.

Our growth has been the result of an extraordinary capacity to implement projects and to smoothly integrate 28 cultures in 11 countries since 2005. We have selected to be present in markets that have ambitious growth targets combined with stable and supportive regulations paving way to value creation

EDPR develops, builds, and operates renewable energy assets in Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Romania, UK and Italy), North America (United States and Canada), and South America (Brazil). Yhe company’s head offices are located in Madrid, Spain, and it has more than 33 offices spread all over the world.

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EDPR presents a unique and very attractive investment case, backed on a series of competences, including a comprehensive risk management strategy, competitive turbine supply strategy a geographically well balanced portfolio, the current stage of development and revenue sources, a strong track record in execution, and first class assets with above average wind resources.

EDPR’s asset portfolio is well balanced, both in terms of geography and pipeline maturity, hence achieving an optimal diversification between regulatory and wind resource risks, helping to achieve a more stable cash flow.

We create value for our shareholders and stakeholders by operating in the most attractive markets and continuously expanding our business to new areas around the globe. wind resources.

As a result of the mix of high quality assets and operational excellence, in 2010 EDPR obtained above average operating indicators for the markets in which it is present.

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