EDPR is a leading company in the energy of today. We produce clean and green energy. Energy without emissions.

We strongly believe that sustainable development is possible.

We are committed to assess the impact of our activities on biodiversity in all phases of the business. Although we have pledged to apply EDP’s Group environment and Biodiversity policies, to reinforce this commitment the executive Committee approved the environment and Biodiversity policies in the beginning of 2011.

Both are available on our website

We consider these commitments a cornerstone of our business, integrating them into the decision making process of the company as reflected in our environmental expenses and investments which in 2010 amounted to 15 €M.

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  • “EDPR contributes to the adoption of new renewable technologies that allow decreasing CO2 emissions.” Energy assessment employee
  • “Ethics, impeccable conduct and responsibility are major concern areas in my field.” EDPR financial employee
  • “EDPR staff makes a concerted effort to understand stakeholder concerns and to minimize the impacts of the projects on neighboring facilities/residences.” EDPR supplier
  • “I believe that EDPR is outperforming in communication with investors.” EDPR employee
  • “EDPR respects the rights and privileges of local landowners to operate their ranching businesses.” EDPR landowner
  • “We are doing everything possible to reduce any impact to the environment. As a company we also take action based upon those studies to help reduce any impacts.” EDPR employee
  • “EDPR has become a welcomed member of our community and we look forward to having them here.” Public authority
  • “It is in our interest to reduce the waste generated in every project. I believe that we do and must continue to work even more closely with our suppliers to minimize labor and material waste.” EDPR Project Manager
  • “EDPR has always been a leader in terms of reputation with local and state level stakeholdersThis is something we can be proud of, as it directly reinforces our sustainable development and social responsibility goals.” EDPR employee
  • “Developing wind farms and educating communities, stakeholders, politicians and media about the benefits of renewable energy is a large part of our responsibility.” Development employee
  • “EDPR has been a great partner for the state of Oklahoma in helping the state to promote clean, sustainable energy.” Public authority
  • “The relationship between the company and its employees and the continuous initiatives used to acknowledge their needs is outstanding.” EDPR employee