In the respect of our values, we believe that innovation is key to sustain competitive advantage and support growth. For us, innovation is a way to optimize operations and to create new products and services. We believe that innovation is important for improving existing technologies and exploring new ways to find satisfying solutions for the problems that the energy world will face in a near future.

In 2010, we invested 4.8 million euro in innovation projects within various areas of our Company.


We continuously search for innovative solutions, in order to adopt most efficient methodologies in the construction activities, while minimizing the impacts on the environment.

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Offshore wind is becoming increasingly viable in international markets. Worldwide offshore wind installations have reached more than 3 GW in 2010. It is expected that the uK and Germany will be the two leading markets in the next five years. Benefits of offshore wind energy include superior and steadier wind resources as well as potentially shorter transmission paths to load centers. offshore wind provides “green” jobs and attracts various manufacturing, assembling and logistic companies, which can boost local economies.

In late 2009, Moray offshore, a joint venture between EDPR and Seaenergy was incorporated in order to develop, construct and operate offshore wind farms off the Scottish coast in UK’s economic exclusive Zone. Moray offshore submitted a bid to ‘the Crown estate’s round 3’ offshore wind tender program and in January 2010 it was awarded the exclusive rights to develop 1.3 GW in the Moray Firth, which is Zone 1 of the round 3 tender.

The overall challenge will be to increase the competitiveness of offshore wind technology and to continue to drive down costs.

We are also a shareholder in EDP Inovação for an innovative project in off-shore technology called ‘WindFloat’.

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Apart from wind, we are monitoring the development of other renewable technologies. our teams have been working to study the strengths and weaknesses of each available technology as well as the most promising sites.

Currently, we have over 450 MW of potential solar projects identified. these projects are located in two of the most important solar markets in the US (California and Arizona) and are suitable for either photovoltaic or solar thermal technologies. A full-time dedicated team has been focused on the development of these projects, on the bidding for solar PPAs and on the searching for new greenfield opportunities in north America, while studying different market opportunities in europe.

“EDPR contributes to the adoption of new renewable technologies that allow decreasing CO2 emissions.”

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We are carrying out a R&D project with the aim of investigating the real mechanism that transfers the loads of a wind turbine to the soil. The actual knowledge of this phenomenon is limited, and the current practices are imported from other traditional sectors.


We promote innovation not only within our own operations, but also in collaboration with partners within the business, public and voluntary sectors and among local communities.

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