We are a world leader in the renewable energy sector. our mission is to deliver safe and clean energy - contributing to a more sustainable world –through the development, construction and operation of wind farms.

With head offices in Madrid (Spain), we currently have operations in 11 countries: Spain, portugal, France, Belgium, poland, romania, UK, Italy, US, Canada and Brazil.

At year-end 2010, we have 6.7 GW of wind energy capacity installed which, in the year, produced 14.4 tWh of 100% clean electricity, saving the world from 7,332 k tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent to the powering of 1.8 million homes in one year.

We are continuously expanding our business into attractive markets, for both growth opportunities and stable and profitable regulatory framework. We have undergone exceptional development in recent years and we are fully committed to further expansion while ensuring value creation for all other stakeholders. our future growth is sustained by a strong pipeline of 31.7 GW of wind energy (including onshore and offshore), located in the 11 countries where we currently operate.

We are a dynamic team, of highly qualified and experienced people, repeatedly nurtured through relevant training (in 2010 over 26 thousand hours). At year-end 2010, we were 822 employees of 25 nationalities, divided between europe and the Americas

Our main shareholder (with a stake of 77.5%) is EDP – Energias de Portugal, a top-tier multi-national utility.

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