We are aware of the importance and impact that our presence has in each one of the markets when it comes to economic growth, respect for the environment and social development.

EDPR is committed to contributing to public policy dialogue with key public institutions and local communities, generating effective initiatives and policy solutions that promote the development of renewable energy.

We are aware that only through legal and regulatory certainty, we will be able to not only provide a sustainable business in the long term but also consistently bring value to all our stakeholders.


We are a member of several energy associations in the countries where we have presence, where we play a relevant role supporting the development of renewable energy.

We are also involved in public policy issues led by various associations ensuring EDPR’s business objectives are supported on global and local levels. these associations include:

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In 2010, EDPR NA contributed $39,150 of corporate funds to various campaigns including ballot measures and state political campaigns that champion the company’s goal of increasing opportunities for renewable energy in the united States. In total, EDPR NA corporate funds were disbursed to 59 campaigns in eight states. Corporate campaign contributions are approved through an internal steering committee and the Executive Committee, and reviewed by EDPR NA’s internal legal team and a third party consultant to ensure disbursements abide by local state and federal laws. In EDPR EU, there were no contributions to political parties in 2010.

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