Following our strategy and core capabilities, we are committed to deliver a solid business model to our shareholders and all other stakeholders. this means a business model in which focused growth, superior profitability and controlled risk are the pillars towards sustainable value creation.

Based on our day-to-day actions we are determined to promote sustainable growth, preparing the company to invest also in new geographies and in new technologies. In 2011, we are planning to install additional wind energy capacity of 800-900 MW.

We will continue to take advantage of our core competences, from our first-class professional teams and assets, to optimize profitability through excellence of operations.

“EDPR’s development of the best wind sites with the highest capacity factors and support of transmission into those areas is extremely important, and results in wind projects that are being built in remote areas with less impact on the general public and greater positive impact on the environment by generating cleaner and zero CO2 emission electricity from each wind project.”

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