We are committed to offer a competitive benefits package to recognize the contributions and talent of our employees. The Company does not differentiate benefits between full time and part time employees.

In addition to legal requirements per country, competitive benefits are offered in the various regions (adjusted in accordance to local specificities) and entail important ones such as a Medical insurance, life insurance, pension plans or retirement plans, Business travel insurance and accident insurance.

In 2010, we decided to extend the medical insurance to all our employees in europe. In the US, EDPR also provides insurance coverage to regular employees who work 30 or more hours per week and to temporary employees who are on an assignment of six months or more. employees’ dependents are also eligible for coverage. In Brazil, EDPR also offers to its employees, spouses and dependents a health insurance plan.

The Company offers participation opportunities in either a pension plan or defined contribution plan, depending on home country. the guaranteed contributions are supplemental to and independent of those established under the Social Security System.

The Flexible Remuneration Package is a remuneration system that is actually in force in Spain and Portugal. This plan allows the employees to decide if they want to receive part of their remuneration in products or services.

During 2011, EDPR will analyze the possibility of extending the Flexible remuneration package to other geographies accordingly to local legislations.

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