In addition to our initiatives in the support of the development of the society, the construction of a wind farm brings a longstanding benefit to the surrounding populations, through indirect impacts, mainly infrastructure investments, like public or private roads or utility systems upgrades, tax contribution, landowners’ leases or job creation.

During 2010, we supported initiatives with a direct impact in the communities, with an investment of 1.76 million euros, in social cultural, sports, health, environmental, educational and institutional projects.

We also developed public and private infrastructures during the construction of our wind farms. The community benefited from a total investment of 37.6 million euros in public and private road upgrades and 43.3 million euros in utility system upgrades.

Additionally, each one of the geographies where we operate treats taxes differently. We benefit from tax exemptions in some regions as an incentive to the renewable energy development. In some regions in europe, we share a percentage of our revenues with local municipalities. In 2010, EDPR totaled 30.5 million euros in tax payments and share of revenues to municipalities.

We are proud of becoming a productive part of the communities where we do business. Therefore, many volunteering initiatives were promoted by ourselves, like the collection of toys, food items and clothes.

But our employees also invested their time in supporting the most disadvantaged families. In Walcott, Indiana (North America), a group of six employees from several departments invested their time in the project Habitat for Humanity, constructing a home for a single mother with three children. The employees were asked to participate by a landowner and were eager to be a part of something significant in the community.

During 2011, in Spain, we are going to sponsor two summer camps for kids in risk situation and / or raised in families with low income, in partnership with the NGO Solidaridad Educación y Desarrollo (SED):

  • EDPR will sponsor the Summer Camp from SED in Navalguijo (Ávila) for kids living in correctional centers, shelters or come from immigrant families with limited resources. 70 children will participate in this program that will take place between July and august 2011.
  • EDPR will sponsor the Summer Camp “Espiral” in Fuenlabrada (Madrid) that will host 50 children from this town and will take place between July and august 2011.

Through these initiatives, EDPR will contribute to improve the social environment of the communities where these activities take place.

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