In June 2010, we participated in the Global Wind Day, an initiative that promotes awareness for wind energy worldwide and creates opportunities for every citizen to discover, in detail, renewable wind energy and its benefits. The campaign’s message is “global: wind power works”. the Global Wind Day is the result from the cooperation of the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC).

Several wind farms in Europe and North America hosted open houses with information sessions and other recreational activities for our Stakeholders. Elkhorn Valley and Antelope Ridge wind farms in the US hosted special activities during the Global Wind Day for landowners and supporters.

In europe, the Down Syndrome Foundation of Madrid visited one of our wind farms during the global event, in the frame of the longstanding relations between the company and the foundation.


During 2010, we hosted the visit of public entities from several countries and other representatives from governments interested in renewable energies. The Mozambican president in an official visit to portugal to develop bilateral economic relations, visited the wind farm Serra d’El Rei. Moreover, a group of 22 senior officials of the united nations from developing countries visited our facilities in oporto to address the feasibility of clean energy.

The Governor of Espírito Santo State in Brazil and a contingent of eight representatives of the Pakistani Government also visited our office and wind farms in Portugal, where they were introduced to the environmental and social benefits of wind power for the community.

The North American platform facilities were also visited during the year by different authorities, including a visit from a delegation representing the Shandong province Department of Commerce and Economic Development (China) to the Houston office to learn more about business opportunities in the renewable sector.

“EDPR has been a great partner for the state of Oklahoma in helping the state to promote clean, sustainable energy.”

Public authority

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We also actively participate in local fairs and conventions, and sponsor several initiatives to spread the knowledge about the renewable sector, as well as fosters the business development of the company and the benefits for the community.

In europe, we participate in many local fairs like the “Feria de la energía renovable de Véjer e la Frontera” in Spain, where the company informed visitors about its activities and offered the possibility to visit the Wind Farms nearby.

In addition, in order to incentivize the business activity in the local communities, we sponsor events like the “Xuntanza Empresarial Costa da Morte”, in Spain, to give awards to the most relevant start- ups of the region.

Conscious of climate change, we also participated in the “Convención sobre Cambio Climático y Sostenibilidad” in Spain, with the objective to present information and argue about possible action plans to adapt and benefit from climate change, understanding its impact in the environment, the industry, the cities, the administrations and the citizen.

In the US as well, we participate in many local fairs and activities in the regions in which we are represented. For example, in the Western region, this was the fourth year we have been a major sponsor of the union County Fair held in la Grande, OR. During the fair’s five day run, we answered hundreds of questions about wind power, the company, as well as development projects in the area. Other events sponsored in the western region of the US include the north powder Huckleberry Festival, Baker County Fair, Union County Relay for Life Team, and the Max Concert Series.

In Montana representatives from EDPR participated in the fifth Montana Economic Development Summit to highlight the company’s development assets in the state, and build relationships with key US federal decision makers. Company representatives met with US Senator Baucus, Governor Brian Schweitzer, US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu and Stephen Wright with Bonneville power administration, TransCanada, Bonneville Power Administration, Vestas, Iberdrola Renewables, National Wind, and Siemens Wind Power.

We also hosted in the uS the annual Board Meeting of the American Wind & Wildlife Institute, institution to foster the development of the wind energy with respect for the environment. We also hosted the GE Wind Blade Tour in one of our wind farms, a 28-day multi-state event that brings the knowledge of wind energy to local communities

To complement the diverse activities to create a footprint in the economic, social and environmental performance of the society, we issued a social brochure with the title “let the wind blow us into the future” compiling the environmental and economic benefits that the Wind Farms offer to the local communities.

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