Every contractor and subcontractor hired to perform work on our electricity production facilities in Spain is required to have a written proof of having received the necessary information and training. this includes information and training sessions about specific risks of the working environment and actions to minimize these risks. this information is recorded on a specific software tool.

In 2011, these requirements will be extended to other countries in europe, using the same tool.

The training is specifically taught to each worker according to the type of work done.

In this way, we can indicate that 100% of workers who perform work in our facilities in Spain are trained in Health and Safety that requires the work they do.

Several internal courses have been conducted in europe and in the US, in relation to the activities performed.

In Brazil, 100% of the operators’ team was taught in safety measures in our facilities and electricity services.

To complement technical sessions, were also performed in Spain, 11 emergency drills including a rescue drill of an injured or sick worker in the wind farms of Pumar and Curiscao. These activities required the collaboration of the local fire and emergency departments, in addition to the prevention service of EDPR.

Copy Img Rescue drill in Spain

In the US, our annual emergency drill was conducted in the Rail Splitter wind farm on October 2010. We simulated the rescue of a technician, using a dummy, who had been injured working in the hub.

Copy Img Rescue drill in the US
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