Although there are no in-house procedures explicitly encouraging local recruitment, a high percentage of our employees come from the locations in which the company operates. As a result, we contribute to the local economic development.

For operational activities, we strive to hire members from the local community for administrative positions as well as operations and maintenance services, such as electrical and facility maintenance.

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Also, there are no in-house procedures for procurement practices with local suppliers. However, in europe, 77% of the top 20 major suppliers for each country were local. In terms of spending, 38% of the procurement expenditures were paid to local suppliers. In North America, 77% of the procurement costs corresponded to US suppliers.

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We seek to hire local companies and resources to provide operational support, such as road maintenance and snow removal. our third party contractors also make efforts to hire labor from the local community.

We are proud of becoming a productive part of the communities where we do business. Therefore, many volunteering initiatives were promoted by ourselves, like the collection of toys, food items and clothes.

But our employees also invested their time in supporting the most disadvantaged families. In Walcott, Indiana (North America), a group of six employees from several departments invested their time in the project Habitat for Humanity, constructing a home for a single mother with three children. The employees were asked to participate by a landowner and were eager to be a part of something significant in the community.

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