We have achieved a top tier position in the renewable energy market thanks to our people commitment and effort. To guarantee the excellence at work of our employees, human capital management plays a key role to support our growth targets maintaining the current operations excellence. Therefore, we are committed to create the most adequate environment to secure employee commitment, empowerment and accountability, while offering them an attractive career development plan with opportunities to grow professionally at the same high pace as the company.

To create the most appropriate environment for our employees, the company has developed a Human resources policy, approved in 2009, based on the following principles: equity, Development and performance.

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Our global compensation strategy policy has been implemented to address the needs of every local market, with enough flexibility to adapt to each region where the company is present. The developed system ensures that all positions are evaluated and graded according to a methodology designed to ensure fairness, through an approved salary band for each position within the organization’s matrix. The defined salary bands are based on market benchmarks.

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