To achieve a correct implementation of the health and safety measures in the whole company, committees and subcommittees have been created within the organization. Their mission is to collect information on health and safety at all different operational levels and to involve as many employees in the communication of the current situation and the definition of a preventive plan.

In Europe:

The Internal Commission on prevention is the highest governance body in Spain in Health and Safety to guide, monitor and control every preventive action. It is led by the COO in europe.

There are Internal Subcommittees per activity area in Spain, with the objective of implementing, monitoring and controling the prevention activities in their area of responsibility, while communicating performance and implementing actions plans.

As a result, 17% of our employees attend to health and safety meetings. 52% of our total workforce is represented in these meetings.

In 2011, similar committees are going to be created in France and during 2012 they are going to be extended to other european countries where we are present.

In the US:

Each operating site has a committee for health and safety. These committees include both EDPR employees and O&M contractor site managers. The objective of these committees is to communicate and addresses health and safety issues that pertain to that site.

Each site has a designated Site Safety Coordinator. all Site Safety Coordinators meet with the health and safety team in a committee created to communicate and address health and safety issues that apply to the organization in the US.

There is also a management health and safety committee to communicate industry issues and develop organization objectives in the area.

All workers in the US receive training and information, as well as are aware of any action in health and safety. All workers are also represented by a health and safety committee.


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The implementation of our Health and Safety policy has allowed us to improve our performance in health and safety although, 2010 data is not directly comparable with 2009, because this year we increased the scope of our report.

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