In addition to the company’s own commitments to support the community through volunteering actions, we support our employees to contribute with time or resources to EDPR volunteering practice. Employees have up to 4 hours per month during the normal work schedule to work for a NGO. Moreover, during november 2010, training sessions were held in Spain by the NGO “Solidaridad Educación y Desarrollo” (SED) to explain how, where and when employees could volunteer locally, nationally or internationally.

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During 2010, several EDPR geographies organized volunteering campaigns.

In europe, employees worked together to collect toys, food and clothes for children in collaboration with NGOs like SED and the Red Cross. Just the Madrid office alone, was able to collect 750 kg of food that was delivered to 50 families, warm clothes for 30 children and Christmas toys for 50 more children that participate in the Day Center for Children and women at Fuenlabrada (Madrid).

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In Brazil, we collaborated with the “Organização Social Amizade e Progresso” (OSAP) to collect toys, foods and clothes.

In the US, EDPR sponsored a toy drive to support the Salvation Army of the Greater Houston area. Collections boxes for new, unwrapped toys were available for employees during one week. The Salvation army uses these donations to provide gifts to underprivileged children during the holiday season. Also in collaboration with the Salvation army, in an initiative from our employees, a “Garage Sale” was organized offering employees old branded items, samples, and other miscellaneous giveaways, and all the money raised was donated to the local chapters of the Salvation army.

Copy Img Collection of donated clothes, food and toys in various locations.
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