In 2009, we performed our first global employee satisfaction survey which takes place every two years. All our company employees were asked to participate through a web based survey, achieving a high participation rate of 78%.

The average macro indicators resulting from the study is high, showing a global satisfaction of 78%.

“The relationship between the company and its employees and the continuous initiatives used to acknowledge their needs is outstanding.”

EDPR employee

Based in the results of this study, a specific action plan was launched in 2010 in order to improve the areas that impacted the most in the employee’s motivation, abilities and performance.

In Europe, the designed action plan promoted the creation of an Employee Attention Service (EAS) in the intranet to facilitate the communication between the Human Resources department and the employees. In the same way, we have created in the intranet a “Suggestions Box” where all can contribute with ideas.

During 2010, we promoted periodical “Breakfast with the CEO” sessions, a series of informal meetings between the CEO and a group of 10 to 12 employees to discuss during two hours the issues that are important for them, the business strategy, and other relevant subjects.

In the US, besides the implementation of an intranet based Idea Box, direct supervisors were given the authority over schedule modification and request to occasionally work from home. Communication in the company was improved, providing information to the employees regarding company projects and initiatives through a new intranet page In addition, an internet- based resource Guide was created to provide information about each department.

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