We are committed to offer employees an attractive career development plan, as well as continuous education and training opportunities.

Moreover, the development of our employees is a strategic objective in order to align current and future demands of the organization with employees’ capabilities, while fulfilling their professional development expectations and support their continued employability.

In 2010, we almost doubled the number of training hours from 2009 to 26.734. The total investment was increased by 137%, reaching 714,243 euros.

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Each training course is evaluated by our employees through a satisfaction survey. the results obtained in 2010 state that employees are very satisfied with the training offer.

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Our expertise in the renewable energy business is a key asset for the company. During 2010, we continued offering learning series courses to foster the internal communication of the knowledge that has led us to have a top quality wind portfolio. In these sessions, employees train each other employees about the key issues in each department.

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As EDPR expands its business into new geographies, the company’s success depends on the mobility of its employees to foster the knowledge sharing between company subsidiaries, while offering attractive career development opportunities.

Internal mobility is highly valued and all opened positions are offered first to the company employees.

EDPR promotes the mobility not only as a way of professional developing and knowledge transfer, but also as an opportunity to integrate different cultures. These transfers allow understanding and enjoying the different values, which also contributes to the professional and personal growth.

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