We promote and encourage work/life balance of our employees as a means to boost productivity, through an increase in performance, accountability and commitment while employees are able to attain a greater level of satisfaction and enjoyment, both on and off the job. Overall this creates positive bottom-line results for the organization.

EDPR has actions in place for our work/life balance programs throughout geographies where the company has presence and will continue to improve and provide new benefits.

Benefits in the work/life balance programs include (depending on the geographies) maternity leave, subsidized summer activities for dependents of employees, birthdays, etc.

We also facilitate working conditions allowing its employees to adjust their timetable to be able to attend other obligations.

In the US, we implemented a Flex-Time & Telecommuting Policy to better enable employees to achieve and maintain work/life balance. With the approval of their immediate supervisors, employees can opt to modify their work schedule slightly in order to better accommodate their non-work demands while continuing to work full-time or transition to a part-time work schedule (fewer than 40 hours per week). Furthermore, employees from the US, if required can work from home (also known as telecommuting) occasionally as needed.

During 2011, EDPR will analyze the possibility of extending the Flexible remuneration package to other geographies accordingly to local legislations.

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