We are well aware of the impact that our activity has in the local communities where we develop our wind farms and how we can maximize those potential benefits for the company and the inhabitants of the surrounding areas through an open communication with our stakeholders.

Therefore, we establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with the communities where we have presence from the very initial stages of our projects, organizing informative sessions, we hold open dialogs with these communities, to explain the benefits of wind energy. We also organize volunteering and sport activities to promote a sustainable development of the society. our business generates further indirect positive impacts in the areas where we are present, through local hiring and procurement and the development of infrastructures and the payment of taxes and rents.

“EDPR has always been a leader in terms of reputation with local and state level stakeholders. It has a competitive advantage in terms of being a thought leader in the regional areas in which it operates, and communities tend to navigate towards EDPR due to its community focused development model. This is something we can be proud of, as it directly reinforces our sustainable development and social responsibility goals.”

EDPR employee

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